Learn how a small Belgian comic book store achieved a 20% revenue increase

In November 2018, a small Belgian comic book store teamed up with StoreSpot to try out remarketing for the first time. The owners had never heard about remarketing but were interested in what it could do for their online business.

What happened before

The comic book store first opened in 1983 and later added an online version of the store to complement its offline activities. Online sales were increasing steadily, and therefore, the store owner paid more and more attention to digital marketing. A preliminary analysis by StoreSpot concluded that less than 1% of all visitors made a purchase. We discovered that visitors were checking the stock of comics online, and made their purchase in the original store. However, there also were a lot of visitors planning to make a sale online, but didn't. From all visitors that added a product to their cart, 60% never bought the product. That created an opportunity to use remarketing to recover those abandoned carts.

What happened next

The remarketing campaign was initiated and made sure visitors that left the website without completing their purchase came back to finish the checkout process. The online store saw an increase of 20% in sales and had a return on ad spend (ROAS) of 10,3. Each euro spent on ads generated more than €10 in sales. This same trend was observed each month. When the remarketing campaign ran, abandoned carts were recovered and online sales grew.

The comic book store saw that remarketing boosted online performance, but also that improvements could be made to its ads. An advertisement on Facebook for a comic book did not show the full cover. Even worse: covers were stretched out and only a small part of the comic book was shown. Therefore, we created a new Ad Template Builder in which every store owner can decide how products are displayed in ads.

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