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Create a journey of ads for your visitors

Don't just push your products to your visitors. Create a flow of different ads and present them to potential customers at the right time.

Create a natural
flow of ads

Remarketing journeys show different types of ads to your visitors instead of the same one over and over again.

Journeys to combat
ad fatigue

Your visitors don't pay attention anymore after seeing the same ad too much. Different content helps to overcome ad fatigue.

Show more than
only products

Your online store has its own story. Be creative and create content for ads in the remarketing journey.

Boost remarketing

Remarketing is highly effective. With journeys, your visitors will just love your store even more.

You've got a story to tell

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Day 1-3

Share your story

Day 4-7

The product your visitor loves

Day 8-12

A personal coupon

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