The new campaign manager is here!

Create new remarketing campaigns in a couple of clicks and get detailed analytics instantly. There's no need to uncover the complexity of the Facebook Ad Manager.

Start with predefined

Retarget all visitors, or only those who added a product to their cart? Start retargeting in minutes by selecting an audience that matches your needs. Need customizations? No problem, we've got that covered too.

Reach customers on
their own preferred channel

Campaigns can be created on both Facebook and Instagram in the StoreSpot Campaign Manager. With just a press on a button, your campaign gets launched on the channels your visitors love the most.

Create ads that
match your style

Bring your static product images to life with ad templates. All ads in your campaign will match the style of your business.

Get updates on
your campaigns

Follow-up on a single campaign or all of them with the right metrics, always up to date.

I've never created remarketing ads so quickly.
Eva, store owner
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